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Over dinner he said, the only reason I'm doing well in the is class is Jon. He's really the person who taught me to believe in myself about math. —a parent
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Read about late-in-life career transitions, including mine, in the Boston Globe. (Though ignore the photo caption. I'm passionate about both of my careers. I even put passion in the name of this one!)

I am a mathematics tutor and computer science tutor serving students all over the world on the Internet. Patient, positive, and focusing more on students' strengths than weaknesses, I enjoy finding ways to help students to gain facility, depth of understanding, appreciation of mathematical thinking, and reawakened curiosity. I help students to discover connections between new topics and things they already know. My students gain fluency and confidence as they see math more as a coherent body of knowledge and as a powerful way of thinking, and less as a series of disconnected rules and techniques. I do all of this with a sense of humor, building genuine relationships with my students.

A good educator must know and be passionate about his subject and must also know how to bring all of that to his students. I have degrees in education, mathematics and computer science from Harvard, Carleton and the University of Wisconsin, respectively. I have taught high school and middle school math in public schools. In addition, I am a jazz musician, which helps me to respond eloquently to the moment, whether in a band or with a student.

Socrates knew that one-on-one dialog was the best way to learn and teach and that remains true today. The best music students usually take private lessons; it can be the same way with students of any subject. Private tutoring can surely help the struggling student, but it can also help deepen and enliven the education of even the most advanced. I have helped students to go from failing to As, and have also have helped already-thriving students in AP Calculus BC, and and all sorts of students in between.

For more information about me and my practice, please see the about page or explore the other links at the top of this page.

Were you looking for Jon Dreyer the musician? Same guy, different page.

If you're interested in setting up a free trial session, or if you're a returning student, please visit my new students page, then visit my calendar, find a time you like, and get in touch. (Please be specific about a start date.)

Homeschool/unschool/pod math tutoring

The world of education has profoundly changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students, parents and educators alike are all finding their way, and many need more help than usual. Almost everyone is doing at least a bit of something like homeschooling, in pods or individually. I can help students who are now expected to learn more on their own than ever.

I always have plenty of time for homeschool/unschool/pod students and others (like European, African and Asian virtual students) who can meet before the end of the traditional U.S. school day.

Parents can learn math too!

Do you find that you can no longer help your child with math homework, especially now that your child is probably doing more at home? Ask about how, while helping you to help your child, I can also help you to reduce your own math anxiety and to find it all fascinating.

Social networking

Please visit my social networking page and do the social networking thing with the networks you use, hopefully positively. That page makes it very easy; just follow the links. Thank you!

Jon Dreyer

Passionate curiosity is indispensable, no matter what the job is. You want somebody who is just alert and very awake and engaged with the world and wanting to know more. —Nell Minow, as quoted in defense of Adam Bryant's claim that passionate curiosity is one of five indispensable traits of great leaders in The Corner Office

Good education is not what fills your head with facts, but what stimulates curiosity. You then learn for the rest of your life. —Neil deGrasse Tyson

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I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. —Albert Einstein