Passionately Curious: Jon Dreyer,
Math Tutor and Computer Science Tutor

She brought home straight A’s in June! We were all thrilled! Thanks so much for your caring support and guidance of her. She is so much more confident and independent in all her schoolwork. She seems more able to laugh about silly mistakes and is definitely more attentive to details and accuracy in her work. You are a miracle worker in our eyes...Thank you for everything you do! —a parent
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I am a mathematics tutor and computer science tutor based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Patient, positive, and focusing more on students' strengths than weaknesses, I enjoy finding ways to help students to gain facility, depth of understanding, appreciation of mathematical thinking, and reawakened curiosity. I help students to discover connections between new topics and things they already know. Working this way, students gain fluency and confidence as they see math more as a coherent body of knowledge and as a powerful way of thinking, and less as a series of disconnected facts and techniques. I do all of this with a sense of humor, building genuine relationships with my students.

Socrates knew that one-on-one dialog was the best way to learn and teach and that remains true today. The best music students usually take private lessons; it can be the same way with students of any subject.

If you want to try a session, check my calendar and find a few times that work for you, and then get in touch. The first session is on me!

For more information about me and my practice, please see the about page or explore the other links at the top of this page.

Were you looking for Jon Dreyer the musician? Same guy, different page.


The sooner you reserve a time slot, the better your choice of time slots! I usually fill up my calendar before the fall is over.

LHS students can take Lexpress with no parent involvement right after school for a 3:00 session, and LHS students with open campus and a free block at the end of the day can make 2:00 with Lexpress. Or try virtual tutoring sessions anywhere in the world!

Homeschool math

I always have plenty of time for homeschool math and computer science students and others who can meet before the end of the traditional school day.

Stay-at-home parents

Do you find that you can no longer help your child with math homework? Ask about how, while helping you to help your child, I can also help you to reduce your own math anxiety and to find it all fascinating.

Social Networking

This is the way the modern world works, apparently. So I'd appreciate it if students and parents would visit my social networking page and do the social networking thing with the networks you use, hopefully positively. That page makes it very easy. Thank you!

Passionate curiosity is indispensable, no matter what the job is. You want somebody who is just alert and very awake and engaged with the world and wanting to know more. —Nell Minow, as quoted in defense of Adam Bryant's claim that passionate curiosity is one of five indispensable traits of great leaders in The Corner Office

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I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. —Albert Einstein