Payment and Billing


I don't charge for the first one-hour session for a new student. After that, my rate is $115/hour through August. Starting September 1 2022, my rate will be $125/hour. Please pay on the day of your session or before. You are welcome to pay for any number of sessions in advance.

Most of these online payment methods require my email address. It's my first name Contact me if that's confusing.

To keep my accounting manageable, I'm trying to encourage all my students to pay via Bank-to-bank transfer via email using Zelle or whatever technology your bank uses to pay to an email address. (Please use my email address, not my phone number! My email address is my first name Contact me if that's confusing.) Most likely, you can use Zelle via your bank's usual online banking, but you can also use the Zelle app. If you can't use Zelle or other bank-to-bank transfer method, please contact me.


I usually don't send bills because I ask to be paid in advance. However, sometimes things get complicated and I send an invoice, usually by email, and you can always request one. I always appreciate another set of eyes. If any of it does not seem right, please let me know.

By the way, I use my own homebrew accounting software. If you're interested in the nuts and bolts, here's a synopsis: First it exports my calendar to a spreadsheet, then processes all those calendar sessions along with a few spreadsheets containing payments and some other stuff, and cranks out all the invoices at once. The first part is written in Google Apps Script, which takes about a minute to run, and the rest in Ruby, which takes about three seconds. Aside from fun (really!) the main reason I did it this way is so that I don't have to enter all the sessions once in my calendar and then again in some accounting system. This also means we need to be extra careful that my calendar is correct.

Thank you!

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