Jon Dreyer: Administrative Details

  • Remote Sessions Only: I work remotely with students all over the world. Once it feels safe, I may open an office in or near Lexington MA USA.
  • Scheduling: We can schedule on a weekly or as-needed basis, on the hour, up to about a month before the scheduled session (or first scheduled session for weekly sessions).
  • Cancellations/rescheduling/Holidays/snow days/illness/etc: Please read this page where I nag you about all that.
  • Calendar: My Calendar is online so you can verify that I've scheduled your sessions properly, and so you can find times I'm likely to be free. If you are interested in setting up a session, pick an open time slot, and get in touch, making sure you are specific about date and time. If you are interested in a regular weekly session, please look at least a month ahead to make sure the time slot is really open. If it's on my Calendar, I'm planning on it, and if it's not, I'm not! Again, see Time (Calendar and Cancellations).
  • Remote tutoring sessions: I work with students around the world. I encourage students who normally see me in person to have a remote tutoring session if weather, illness, or lack of transportation prevent them from meeting in person. It works surprisingly well.
  • Payment and Billing: Please see the Payment and Billing page.
  • Reaching me: Usually email is best. If it's urgent, try the phone. If you send a text message, I may even read it when I'm busy (e.g. tutoring).

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