Virtual Tutoring Sessions

Virtual tutoring sessions are a great option for anybody, anywhere in the world, who has a computer (not a phone, the screen would probably be too small) with a reliable, fast Internet access and a mic and speaker (or headset), and for whom getting here is impossible or inconvenient, either permanently (e.g. distance, disability) or occasionally (e.g. weather, illness). It works well because I often use my computer screen as my blackboard even for in-person sessions. I've worked in virtual sessions with students around the block and across the ocean. Please let me know beforehand (email preferred or text if urgent). Otherwise I may not be signed in to the appropriate provider.

The technologies I've used are Skype and Google Hangouts. Visit those sites to find out how to download and use those. Please make sure your setup works by calling a friend first. Please also set me up as a contact in advance. My username on both systems is jondreyer.

These sessions work best if you can get me copies of whatever you are working on beforehand. It's best if assignments are available online, but if not you can scan and email them. It's also great if you can scan and send your own work. If you don't have a scanner, you can take pictures of the stuff with a phone or tablet computer and email to me. Better than just taking pictures, though, is a document scanner app that works on your phone or tablet. Here's a Google search for document scanner app. I have used CamScanner and iScanner and both seem to work well. If you have an online textbook, please check to make sure you know your username and password.

If things aren't working, call or text. There's always the possibility that I might not have power, especially if the weather is interesting, though amazingly that hasn't ever happened during the ten years I've been doing this work.

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